Global Leicester History Festival. 2 April 2022.

Welcome to the site for the Global Leicester History Festival. Below is the provisional programme for the day.



Place: The Venue Hall 1

Place: The Venue Hall 3


Stream A

Stream B





Assemble, Welcome



Plenary I. Prof Panikos Panayi, DMU, ‘The History of Migration in Leicester in National and International Context’.











Session 1A. Practicing History & Multiculturalism in the Community

Session 1B. History of Leicester’s South Asian Community


Rev Dr Tom Wilson & St Philip’s Centre, ‘Diasporas: Disagreements and Discoveries’.

Dr Liam McCarthy, Univ of Leicester, ‘Finding a new “British Asian Sound”: BBC Radio Leicester 1976-1990.


Clare Hudson & Angela Robinson, Leicester Museum, ‘Leicester Stories: co-producing an exhibition on contemporary Leicester’.

Dr Vimal Patel, DMU, ‘Where is Home?: South Asians in the Superdiverse City’.


Katharine Short, DMU, ‘Decolonising the archive: reflections from DMU Special Collections’.

Prof Gurharpal Singh, SOAS, ‘The most racist city in Britain’: recollections of a childhood in the City of Leicester, 1964-76’.






Talk in the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre.






Session 2A. A Plurality of Voices

Session 2B. Gifts and Globalism.


Colin Hyde, Univ of Leicester, ‘The Oral History Archives and Multiculturalism’.

Michael Drucquer , Gt Meeting Chapel, Leicester, ‘Gertrude von Petzold, Leicester and England’s first female minister of religion’.


Dr Michelle Harrison, Univ of Leicester, ‘Multilingualism in the model multicultural city …. Leicester’s Golden Mile’

Maria Chiara Scuderi, Univ of Leicester, ‘Global Leicester: the Dryad Craftwork Collection at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery’.


Shehnaz Rawat, DMU, ‘Colonial legacies and postcolonial identities: Gujarati Muslims in Leicester 1970-1993’.

Sue Bishop, Univ of Leicester, ‘What’s love got to do with it?’ Female agency and new cultural identities in Leicester, 1960-1991.’











Session 3A. History of Leicester’s African Communities

Session 3B. Global Aspects of War and Peace


Mathew Morris, ULAS, ‘Leicester and Roman Africa – Ancient cultural diversity in the English Midlands’.

Annabelle Larsen and & pupils of Moat Community College, ‘Moat School and Moat Boys in WWI’.


Dr Chris Zembe, DMU, ‘The African Diaspora in Leicester’.

Leicester Cathedral’s military chapel – a post-colonial reappraisal.


Zimbabwean Community, ‘Stories in Song, Dance and Poetry’,

Prof Kathy Burrell, Univ of Liverpool, ‘European Migration to Leicester post-World War II’.





Plenary 2. Dr Dean Irwin, ‘Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, and the Jews’.



Concluding remarks






Stalls and Displays – Venue Hall 2

Braunstone History Group
History at the University of Leicester

Display – Caste in Leicester

DMU Special Collections

Ghanaian Kente Textile Heritage

Greater Wigston Historical Society and Heritage Centre

Leicester Branch Historical Association

Leicester Cathedral

Leicester Civic Society

Leicestershire Fieldworkers

Leicestershire and Rutland Family History Society

Leicester Museum and Gallery

The Carers Centre of Leicestershire and Rutland

Navrang Arts: Rebuilding Lives: 50 years of Ugandan Asians in Leicester.

Re-Enactment Societies: Redcoats and Revolutionaries and Vikings of Middle England


Victoria County History (VCH) Leicestershire

Western Front Association

Tours and Workshops:

Stephen Lawrence Research Centre & Leicester’s ‘Carry Come Bring’ African Caribbean Archive.
DMU Heritage Centre TBC

By Elizabeth Tingle

Elizabeth is Professor of History at DMU and chair of the Leicester Branch of the Historical Association.

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